General Terms and Conditions

  • I understand if item(s) are dirty, to the point they are unusable I may be charged. 

  • I understand if item(s) are returned late, fees may be assessed for each day not returned.

  • I understand if item(s) are lost or returned broken, I will be charged for the replacement value of each broken or lost item(s) ($100.00 per table & $32.00 per chair). 

  • I understand, as the signer, I am the person responsible for the condition and the prompt return of item(s) rented. 

  • I understand that item(s) are not to be left unsecured overnight or in an area where weather can damage them. 

For Customers Picking Up Rentals

  • I understand I am responsible for providing my own labor for the pickup and return of item(s) rented. When picking up I will bring my own tie downs and blankets to keep items clean, secure, in good conditions. (unless I have purchased the delivery option.) 


  • I understand that all china, silver, utensils, etc., should be scraped free of food and re-packed in the same containers as delivered.  


  • I understand linens should be dried and placed in provided laundry bags.   

Payment Terms

  • I understand that the Invoice must be fully paid upon delivery or pick up. **You are welcome to Pay by Invoice online with credit card, PayPal, or a check can be written to Simply Chic Event Rentals.  

***We charge a 20% Service Fee to all contracts.  This fee helps account for lost rentals that never return, minor damages, cleaning of rental equipment, and stocking of rental equipment.***

Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees. 

****This agreement is signed electronically upon electronic rental process. 


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